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Acoustic Café started on a slightly out-of-touch rock station in the early 90s. In an attempt to latch on to the burgeoning “unplugged” trend, station management decided to let their morning personality, Rob Reinhart, attempt a Sunday morning program featuring David Wilcox, Shawn Colvin, John Gorka, Indigo Girls, etc. The show lasted for 14 months. But the idea had taken hold, and a syndicated version of the program, with in-studio guests added, began on 5 radio stations in January of 1995.

As commercial radio began to shrink (post Telecom Act, 1996), Acoustic Café decided to offer a noncommercial version of the program in 1998. Each week, the show is offered in versions for both commercial and noncommercial broadcasters.

Now heard on about 80 stations, plus worldwide on Voice Of America, Acoustic Café remains one of radio’s few independent productions, not affiliated with a university or corporate broadcaster.

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